Color Correctors

Up to 16 Color Correction modules can be installed in SIX platform's Mainframe. Each module can be control individually or in the group by Color Corrector Face installed on the Mainframe, by Remote Control or by the Web Application.


Direct Control by Hardware

The Color Corrector face installed on the Mainframe with Color Correcting modules designed to give user direct control to each of the modules installed in the frame. Color Corrector face help to control and perform multiple advanced functions to perform precision adjustments of live video signal. Some of the main features are listed below:

Remote Control by Hardware

The SIX Color Corrector can also be controlled remotely through Local Area Network or Internet by Remote Control Units. Multiple Remote Controls could be connected to the Mainframe to control different functions of Mainframe operation.

Direct Call Buttons

Video Adjustments

Red /Blue Adjustments

Gamma / Details Adjustments

Channel Grouping

Remote Control by Software

Color Corrector Face offers 8 Direct Call buttons with one extra as a shift changer (total 16) for quick slot selection. The system automatically recognizes Color Correcting modules installed in the mainframe and activates a built-in LED in each corresponding button to help the user with slot # identification. In addition the current slot selected to perform control is identified on the OLED display.

Four precision digital encoders are installed on the Color Corrector Face to adjust the Gain and Pedestal of the Red and Blue channels. The level of adjustment is shown on the OLED display by an easy to read graphical indicator.

Two additional precision digital encoders allow adjustment of the Master Gain and Pedestal of the video signal. The level of adjustment is shown on the OLED display.

Color Corrector also offers live Gamma Correction feature allowing to adjust Gamma Curve in the range from 0.45 to 3.0 plus precision 256 steps Image Detail (Sharpness) adjustments.

All of the above functions can be performed remotely using  SIX Platform Remote Control Web Application. The Application is FREE of charge and compitable with Chrome, IE and Safari.

Check Web Application: XR.SERIALIMAGE.COM

SIX Platform Color Corrector offering UNIQUE Color Correcting Grouping Feature. The feature alows for grouping several Color Correcting Modules together so the adjustment functions will be performed simultaneously on all of the Color Modules in the group. The Grouping Feture allows for creating up to 4 groups of Color Correctors. This feature is especially helpful for applications such as video walls.